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36 Hours in Nashville - Travel Itinerary

With over 32 bars/honky tonks within ¼ mile stretch of road known as Honky Tonk Highway, countless party buses/tractors/trailers/boats and pedal taverns, as well has being home to 2 major league sports teams (NHL Predators and NFL Titans), it’s easy to see why over 16 million people choose Nashville as their vacation destination each year. And in recent years, the city has also dethroned Las Vegas as “The Bachelorette Party Capital Of The US”! Needless to say, Nashville is a good time just waiting to happen! And while there is a whole lot more to Nashville than neon lights, country music, and bachelorette parties, we also know that most people are drawn to the city for those exact things. Since we live in Nashville, we wanted to put together what we think is a good balance of tourist activities and local spots to make the perfect itinerary for your first time in Music City!

*Check out our "Tennessee: 1 Day in Nashville" travel vlog for a closer look at our time in this amazing city!

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Day 1:

6:30 pm: Dinner at Hattie B’s (112 19th Ave S)

You can’t come to Nashville without having the city's most famous dish… Hot Chicken! And if you’re going to try it, you may as well try the best! You can’t go wrong with any of the 4 Nashville locations, but if you want to have your first Nashville Hot Chicken experience in the original location, you’ll have to head to the Midtown location.

8:30 pm: Writer’s Round at The Listening Room Cafe (618 4th Ave. S)

There are a lot of places to listen to live music in Nashville, but if you’re wanting a one of a kind experience, The Listening Room is a must! They host writer’s rounds, which is when 3-4 of the writers of the hit songs that you’ve heard your favorite artists perform get on stage and tell the stories behind the songs and perform them in an intimate, stripped down setting. It is by far one of our favorite things to do in Nashville and we always recommend it to anyone when they come to town! Especially country music lovers! Be sure to buy your tickets in advance as shows tend to sell out!

Day 2:

8:30 am: Coffee/Breakfast at Barista Parlor (610 Magazine St)

You’ll learn that there are only a few things that Nashville loves as much as country music… hot chicken, tacos, and coffee! And for coffee, there are an abundance of great shops, but the one that tends to get the most attention is Barista Parlor. They have excellent coffee and specialty drinks (i.e. the Bourbon Vanilla Latte) as well as a delicious selection of pastries from Nashville’s Brightside Bakeshop. There are 4 locations around Nashville, each with their own special charm and decor, but since our next suggestion is to explore The Gulch, we suggest going to the Golden Sound location!