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5 Things to Know Before You Go: Mall of America

With an impressive 5.6 million square feet that houses more than 500 stores, 50 restaurants, the country’s largest indoor theme park, an aquarium, a movie theater, a wedding chapel and SO MUCH more, the Mall of America (MOA) can be an intimidating place to visit! We decided to spend 24 hours exploring all that it had to offer and decided to put together a quick list of tips that we think could be helpful for anyone visiting the MOA, especially for the first time! So, let’s get into it…

*Be sure to watch our “24 Hours at the Largest Mall in America” travel vlog for a closer look at our time at the Mall of America!

1. Download the Mall of America App

  • Like everything these days, there’s an app for that! And the mall directory and info is no exception here, and it is totally worth downloading! On top of having the map and directory right in your pocket, you’ll also be able to access MOA deals and events calendar to help organize and make the most of your visit!

2. Purchase a MOA Coupon Book

  • We’re not typically the kind of people to purchase a coupon book, because honestly… We never get our money out of them, but this was one of the few instances where that wasn’t the case. If you plan to spend 1+ days at the MOA, this $9.95 coupon book is totally worth it! But even better, we've put a QR Code down below for 50% off the 2022 MOA Coupon Book! We were able to use one of the coupons to get free parking at our amazing hotel, the Radisson Blu ($18 savings)! Which, by the way, if you're looking for lodging near the MOA, we totally recommend the Radisson Blu! It's one of two properties that are actually attached the the MOA which was super convenient and the Radisson Blu Mall of America property is stunning!

3. Do your research on the Nickelodeon Universe ride passes

  • There are quite a few options for ride passes at Nickelodeon Universe and there are a few things to consider (and require a little math) to figure out which option is best for you. At the time of writing this, the One-Day Unlimited Ride Wristband will cost you $39.99-44.99 depending on if you’re visiting on non-peak or peak dates. A Two Day Unlimited Ride Wristband (must be used on consecutive days) is a much better deal at $54.99, but it’s also worth noting that the wristbands are for one person and non-transferable. There’s also the option to purchase Point Passes and the points you purchase can be divided between however many people you would like. Each ride costs either 3 or 6 points, so if you only plan to ride five 6 point rides, you are better off buying the 30 point Point Pass for $32.99. We decided to go with the 54 point Point Pass ($51.99) and split the points between the two of us and felt like it was a good value. The biggest thing is just figuring out which pass suits your visit best!

4. Clothing and Footwear is Tax Free

  • This one is less of a tip and more of an FYI, but it’s definitely worth noting that all clothing and footwear is always tax free at the Mall of America!

5. It’s 70 degrees year round

  • While Minneapolis/Bloomington can have some pretty brutal winters, the Mall of America stays at a comfortable 70 degrees year round, so that bulky winter wear can be a bit of an inconvenience when you’re having to lug it around all day. I would suggest leaving what you can in your car and only bring in what you need to walk from the parking lot to the entrance.

We hope that these tips help you plan your visit and make the most of your time at the Mall of America! If you did find it helpful, we hope you’ll consider heading over to our YouTube Channel and subscribing for more travel content and/or following us on Instagram!

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