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Holland, MI Tulip Time - One Day Itinerary

There’s something fun and attractive about a town that not only embraces it's history and culture, but takes that embrace to the next level and embodies it! And Holland, Michigan does just that! Especially during their annual Tulip Time Festival when the town's 6 million Tulips are in full bloom and you’ll feel like you’ve been transported to a picturesque Dutch village thousands of miles away! We had the opportunity to visit Holland during their Tulip Time Festival and want to share our time with you and hopefully help you plan for your next visit to Holland!

*Check out our "One Day in Holland, MI " vlog for a closer look at our time in Holland!*

9:30am - Breakfast

  • de Boer's Bakkerij-Restaurant (where we went)

  • Dutch Delite Bakery

  • The Wooden Shoe

  • The Biscuit

9:30am - Veldheer's Tulip Farm

11:30 am- Nelis’ Dutch Village