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How To Spend One Day in Belfast, Northern Ireland - Travel Itinerary

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Welcome Belfast! As the capital city of Northern Ireland, Belfast is a vibrant city with a rich history dating back to its origins in the early 17th century. It has since evolved into a dynamic metropolis known for its impressive maritime heritage, including the world-famous Titanic. Belfast also holds the tales of the Troubles, a more than 30-year period of political unrest that shaped the city's character. With its charming blend of old and new, Belfast offers an intriguing and delightful fusion of historic landmarks, lively pubs, and cutting-edge culture. While you could spend weeks here and never peel back all the layers of this city’s complicated past and unique charm, we only had one day to experience as much of the city as possible. So, if you’re a time-crunched traveler like us and want to make the most of your short visit to Belfast, then you’ve come to the right place!

Also, check out our “Belfast, Northern Ireland” travel vlog for a closer look at our experience!

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8:30am: Coffee/Breakfast

Established Coffee (54 Hill St):

If you’re looking for an excellent cup of coffee and a great selection of pastries and light-er breakfast options, then Established Coffee is the place for you! We truly enjoyed everything that we got.. Especially the Honey and Coconut Porridge and the Carrot Cake Loaf! So good!

Other Notable Options:

  • Loaf Cafe (308, 307 Grosvenor Rd)

  • The Pocket (68 Upper Church Ln)

Established Coffee in Belfast, Top down photo of coffee and pastries

A Hop On Hop Off Bus Tour is an excellent way to get from one site to the next while gaining a greater knowledge and understanding of the city’s rich history and culture. The Belfast Hop On Hop Off open-top bus tour with City Tours Belfast is the only tour that passes all of the main sightseeing attractions (19 in total)!

City Tours Belfast, Belfast Hop On Hop Off Bus, Belfast Double Decker Bus

The Black Cab Tour is a unique and immersive way to explore the city's rich history and turbulent past. Led by knowledgeable local guides, this tour takes place in traditional black taxis, providing an intimate and personal experience. During the tour, visitors are taken to various significant locations throughout Belfast, including the political murals in both loyalist and nationalist neighborhoods, the Peace Wall that once separated these communities, and other key sites associated with The Troubles, a period of conflict in Northern Ireland.

Black Cab Tour, Black Taxi Tour, Belfast Back Cab Tour, Belfast Black Taxi Tour

1:30pm: Lunch

The Crown Liquor Saloon (46 Great Victoria St):

Built in 1826, The Crown Liquor Saloon is a historic and iconic pub renowned for its ornate Victorian architecture and rich cultural heritage and remains a must-visit destination for those seeking a taste of Belfast's rich history and a truly memorable drinking experience.

Other Notable Options:

  • Home Restaurant (22 Wellington Pl)

  • Bank Square Brasserie (56-58 Berry St)

The Crown Liquor Saloon in Befast

3:00pm: Titanic Belfast (1 Olympic Wy)

The world-renowned museum, Titanic Belfast, opened in 2012 to coincide with the centenary of the ship's sinking, Titanic Belfast consists of six floors of interactive exhibitions, galleries, and experiences that delve into the Titanic's construction, launch, and eventual demise. The museum not only pays homage to the ship itself but also delves into the history of Belfast's shipbuilding industry, showcasing its impact on the city and the world. With its striking design resembling the ship's bow, Titanic Belfast has become an iconic landmark in the city, drawing history enthusiasts, maritime buffs, and curious travelers from around the globe. It provides a compelling and moving exploration of a pivotal moment in history and serves as a lasting tribute to the people connected to the Titanic's tragic voyage.

Titanic Belfast, Titanic Museum Belfast

7:00pm: Dinner & Drinks

Duke of York (7-11 Commercial Ct):

The Duke of York is a traditional Belfast bar crammed with original mirrors and memorabilia, boasting cold beer, great Guinness, and the largest selection of Irish whiskeys in Ireland. The Duke is nestled along a narrow cobbled alleyway in the historic Half Bap area and offers a traditional Belfast welcome, craic, and music.

Other Notable Options:

  • The Dirty Onion (3 Hill St)

  • The John Hewitt (51 Donegall St)

Irish Pub


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