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JetBlue Mint | First/Business Class Suite Review | Two Flights in Less Than 24 Hours!

JetBlue Mint is supposedly the best domestic business class in America. Is that true? We had to find out for ourselves. We do the hard work so you don’t have to. ;)

Check out our experience in our video!

DISCLAIMER: We took this trip in early March, before everything got shut down from the pandemic. Quarantine wasn’t a thing yet, and neither were masks. A couple of things that had changed in service, was that no glassware was used (only plastic), and there were no hot towels given out.

Natalie had wanted to experience Mint ever since watching Casey Neistat's review a couple years ago. And while we both had flown first and business class before, this just seemed different. Knowing that JetBlue is known for having awesome customer service, we just had to try it for ourselves.

Things that we loved about JetBlue before this experience:

Free Wifi and in-flight entertainment, unlimited snacks and non-alcoholic beverages, and you get the most legroom in economy over any other carrier.

We decided to make a full day of experiencing Mint. There are only certain routes that the Mint service is offered, and unfortunately, Nashville isn’t one of them. So, we would fly from Nashville to a city that offered the Mint service. From there we would take our first Mint flight from Boston to Los Angeles, then turn around and fly on a second Mint flight back to Boston. From there we would fly home to Nashville making the total time traveling 24 hours.

We will be reviewing the westbound (Boston - Los Angeles) lunch/dinner service and the eastbound (Los Angeles - Boston) shut-eye service.


We started our adventure early in the morning in rainy Nashville, TN flying to Boston, MA. The gate crew at BNA was super nice and upgraded us to ”Even More Space” seats, which was a nice little bonus.


Ground Experience

Once we got to Boston, we made our way to our BOS-LAX gate. Jetblue does not have any lounges for Mint customers, but they do offer priority boarding so you can get comfortable and settle in without a long line behind you. They also offer drink service while everyone else boards.

Cabin and Seats

Mint has two different seat configurations, the 2 person suites which are located in rows 1, 3, and 5. They also have personal suites in rows 2 and 4. Both configurations have fully lie-flat seats with 6’8” of legroom, built in massage features, and adjustable firmness. Each suite also has an adjustable reading lamp, lots of storage, and plenty of power outlets. Most of the amenities are the same between the two, the personal suites just have a little more room, storage, and privacy.

On the first leg of our trip, we had a 2 person suite in row 5. On our seats were the Hayward and Hopper toiletry bag with a personalized note from our crew as well as a bottle of water in its designated cubby. Underneath the note, was our down pillow and blanket.

Drinks and Welcome Taste

As soon as we made ourselves comfortable in our seats, our inflight asked us what we would like to drink. We both ordered the signature “refreshMint”. It was delicious! We totally recommend trying the signature drink, as it does change. They offer a variety of wine, beer, soda, and liquor as well. And the best part? It’s all unlimited!

Once we were in the air, they brought us another drink and the “welcome taste” which was roasted marcona almonds.

In Flight Entertainment

The two things we have always loved about Jetblue is the free wifi and the in flight entertainment that they offer on all of their planes. A large selection of on-demand movies and over 100 channels of Direct TV and Sirius XM are just a click away. While the 15’’ touchscreen TV is really nice, there is no way to connect bluetooth headphones. Thankfully, in Mint, they provide Grado Labs headphones upon request. From our experience, the touchscreen part rarely works on any planes, but there is a remote that fixes that issue. For us, the only major difference in the in-flight entertainment while flying Mint over economy was receiving nicer headphones, which by the way, you should always return after the flight. It may seem like common sense but you would be surprised!


Our flight from Boston to Los Angeles was the "westbound lunch/dinner" flight. When we received the menu, we were told that we could choose 3 items out of 5. Natalie ordered the Filet of Beef, Pineapple Chicken Curry, and Ricotta Ravioli, and Matt had the exact same thing, but instead of the filet, he got the Shrimp Armstrong. All of our food was SO good, and not just by airplane standards. It truly felt like you were eating at a nice restaurant, not soaring at 35,000 feet. Our favorite dishes were the Filet of Beef and Pineapple Chicken Curry… and of course the Toscanini ice cream!

Another food highlight for us was when we were handed Confetti cookies from the Milk Bar as we were flying over Arizona. They were to die for!


The Hayward and Hopper toiletry bag was a nice touch, especially for a domestic flight. It included a toothbrush and paste, super soft socks, eye mask, ear plugs, screen cloth, pen, and Natalie’s favorite, the facial mist, hand lotion, and lip balm. All of the products are excellent quality. We still use some of the items to this day.

The down pillow and blanket were also very nice. Matt was thankful that it easily covered his 6’1 frame. Natalie was thankful that the pillow was firm yet soft and still gave good neck support. Usually one of us sleeps with a thick comforter and the other with a thin blanket, so it was surprising that we both thought this blanket was the perfect thickness for our flights.

Customer Service

Our crew was very professional and attentive. From the moment we arrived at our gate in Boston to the moment we landed in Los Angeles, they made sure we were taken care of and had everything that we may need to make our experience the best that it could be.


Ground Experience

Once we arrived in Los Angeles, it was a short walk over to our departure gate, which was just one or two gates over from where we had just landed. Within 5 minutes of landing we witnessed some drama with a lady getting arrested for disorderly conduct (watch our Youtube video for details)! It was a short 1 hour layover before we headed back to Boston.

Cabin and Seats

The gate crew at LAX was amazing and made sure that we got personal suites for our flight back to Boston, which was very kind of them! Like we said earlier, the amenities for the single person suite are the same as the 2 person suites, but you get a little more room, storage, and privacy. The personal suites are the same price as the 2 person suites, so make sure to book your reservation early but you can always take your chances and hope for an upgrade. A few highlights of the personal suites worth mentioning... they have a sliding door for extra privacy, a large table/shelf, and even more power outlets and storage. We LOVED these individual suites! Plus, it allowed us to experience both seating configurations offered on Mint flights.

Drinks and Welcome Taste

Again, we were some of the first to board and soon after getting settled in, we were asked if we would like a beverage. We ordered the signature “refreshMint” again (It was THAT good y'all). Unfortunately, they collect your drink before take off, so you have to drink fast! ;) Since it was a red eye flight, there wasn’t a “welcome taste” like there was in the previous flight.


Since this was a redeye, or as JetBlue calls it, a shut-eye flight, the menu was lighter with more lunch type items. There were three options and you were allowed to choose one. We both ordered the Grilled Steak Panini. It was good, but after our meals on the previous flight, this left a lot to be desired. We, again, ordered the ice cream for dessert, because you can never go wrong with ice cream.


Once we started our descent, we were brought goodie bags filled with a warm Everything Bagel Round from the Milk Bar, cold-pressed juice, water, and a Blueberry and Creme Milk Bar cookie. All of the products were excellent but for us, the Milk Bar products were the star of the show.

Customer Service

The crew on this flight was professional and very friendly. It seemed liked they enjoyed their job, and it really showed. They always had big smiles on their faces and made you feel like a friend from the moment they said hello.


Thanks to our speedy pilot, we arrived in Boston an hour early, which meant we now had a 4 hour layover before our flight back to Nashville. The time went by slowly since 4 am isn’t exactly a high traffic time at the airport. Once we boarded our plane, our Even More Space Seats seemed a whole lot smaller than we remembered since before flying Mint.

If you haven't guessed already we absolutely LOVED flying Mint. From the exceptional customer service, to the delicious food, to all the amazing amenities, we absolutely enjoyed every second of it. If you have the extra money, travel points, or flight miles, we highly recommend taking a JetBlue Mint flight. You’ll be hard pressed to find a better business/first class experience, especially domestically.

If you've found this blog helpful, be sure to check out our video review below, and let us know your favorite part of the Mint experience in the comments below!


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