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One Day in Providence, RI - Travel Itinerary

For state #27 in our journey to visit all 50 states in 2021, we traveled to Rhode Island! For our time in the Ocean State, we spent the day exploring the state's largest city, Providence! And while our time was definitely hindered by a massive rain storm, we did our best to not let it ruin our day. From trying the official state drink (Coffee Milk) to exploring Downtown to catching a local comedy show, we really enjoyed our time in Providence… Even if it didn’t go quite as planned. Hopefully we get to visit again and see more of the city… when it’s not raining! Until then, here’s a quick look at what we did for our time in this beautiful city, plus a whole lot more!

*Be sure to check out our “One Day in Providence” travel vlog for a closer look at our time in Rhode Island*

To start the day off, you’re going to want to head to any one of these popular coffee spots and get a taste of the Rhode Island state drink… Coffee Milk! It’s a sweet concoction made by mixing a coffee syrup with milk, hence the name… Coffee Milk! It’s delicious and worth a try!

8:30am: Breakfast/Coffee

  • Dave’s Coffee (341 S Main St)

  • Bolt Coffee Company (122 Fountain St)

  • PV Donuts (79 Ives St)

10:00am: Explore Downtown on the Providence Independence Trail

The Providence Independence Trail is a 2.5-mile self-guided walking/Biking tour of Providence that takes you by 20 different historical, architectural, and culturally significant sites.

12:30pm: Lunch

With more restaurants per capita than any other city in the US, you’re bound to find something that tickles your taste buds in Providence! Here are a few spots that we recommend!

  • Friskie Fries (100 Washington St)