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How to Make a Stunning Charcuterie Board for under $30

Charcuterie boards are a great way to take your picnic to the next level. They are so versatile, stunning, and super tasty. If you don’t know what a charcuterie board is, it is essentially a fancy name for a meat & cheese plate with some fruit and nuts sprinkled in the mix. We love Aldi & we bought all of these products for under $30. It was just the two of us at the picnic but we ate leftovers for days. So, what is included on this shopping list would be a perfect amount for 4 people.

Our Shopping List

Parmesan cheese


Garlic & chive pita crackers

Rosemary & olive oil whole woven wheat crackers

Le Gruyere cheese

Goat cheese garlic herb

Dry-cured prosciutto


Dill pickles

Pink lady apples

Gourmet Deli selection


Pink sparkling lemonade

Dried cranberries

Once you gather all your ingredients, its as simple as cutting your fruit, putting the nuts and pickles in a bowl, arranging your meats and cheeses on your cutting board, laying out your crackers, and placing your fruit to fill in the gaps.

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Taryn Garcia
Taryn Garcia
30 juin 2020

Oh my goodness, guys! This post gives me all the summer feels!! I want to grab Jon and have a picnic asap! I'm loving this post and printing that very well needed checklist❤

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