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The Perfect One Day Rehoboth Beach Itinerary

When you think of Delaware, you probably don’t think of beautiful beaches, boardwalks, and sand dunes, but that is exactly what you will find in Rehoboth Beach! It is the quintessential east coast beach town with restaurants, arcades, ice cream stands, and tee shirt shops lining the boardwalk and main drag that you just can’t help but fall in love with. Even though we only had a short amount of time to explore this little beach town and we visited during the off season (March), we can’t recommend it enough, so we wanted to share what we did along with some added bonuses! If you want a more detailed look into our time in Rehoboth Beach, check out our "One Day in Rehoboth Beach" vlog!

Check out our video experience below!

We'll start the day off with coffee/breakfast at Rise Up Coffee or Kaisy’s Delights. Rise Up is probably the better coffee of the two, but Kaisy's has more breakfast food options.

After getting fueled for the day, we'll spend a couple of hours exploring Rehoboth Beach Boardwalk/Rehoboth Ave. There are tons of gift shops and boutique store to browse, so we recommend just roaming around, window shopping and browsing in and out of whatever shop peaks your interest.

All of the shopping and walking probably worked up an appetite, but we're not quite ready for lunch, so here are a few spots we recommend for a quick pre-lunch snack/appetizer...

  • Thrasher’s French Fries

  • Dolle’s Candyland

  • The Ice Cream Store

  • Duck Donuts

Depending on how big your snack was, you can either continue exploring all of the shops along the boardwalk and Rehoboth Avenue, or make your way to lunch. Here are a few options that we recommend...

  • Nicola Pizza (famous for the Nic-o-boli)

  • Go Fish!

  • Zogg’s Raw Bar & Grill

  • Mason’s Famous Lobster Rolls