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The Perfect Two Day Florida Itinerary

When you think of Florida, you probably think of white sand beaches, palm trees, and theme parks, and you wouldn’t be wrong! But Florida is such an expansive state that offers so much cultural and geological diversity and we want to show you a small part of the slightly lesser known side of the Sunshine State.

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Let’s get started...

Day 1:

We’ll be starting our adventure on the west coast in Crystal River with one of the most unique experiences we’ve ever had the opportunity to partake in...

8:00 am: Rent Kayaks and swim with Manatees at Crystal River Kayak Company (1422 SE US Hwy 19)

In fact, this experience is so unique that Crystal River is the only place in North America that you can legally swim with Manatees! If you aren’t up for the cold water or swimming with creatures the size of a small car (they’re harmless we promise), then you can always take in the beauty from above the waterline and stay in the kayak!

After a few hours of paddling and snorkeling, you’ve probably worked up an appetite, and you can’t come to the coast without having some good seafood! Don’t worry though… if you’re not a seafood fan, these restaurants offer some grass and grain fed dishes as well.

11:00 am: Early Lunch

  • Seafood Seller & Cafe

  • Dan’s Clam Stand

  • Charlie’s Fish House

Now that you’ve replenished your energy, you’re ready for our next adventure! Swimming with manatees was just the start of the fun! Next, you’re going to make the short one hour drive to Ocala where you’ll be zip lining over an abandoned quarry!

11:45 am: Head to Ocala for zip lining at The Canyons Zip Line & Adventure Park (8045 NW Gainesville Rd, 1 hr drive)