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The Ultimate One Day Barbados Itinerary

**Even if you are in Barbados for longer than 1 Day, this Itinerary can still be very useful**

Are you on a cruise and only have 8-12 hours to explore the beautiful island of Barbados? Or island hopping? Here is your your perfect itinerary for a FULL day of adventures.

First and foremost, Barbados is one of our absolute favorite islands. The people are nice and helpful, and the island itself is stunning. We always felt safe, all of the beaches are public, and there is such a wide variety of scenery and experiences to take in. Plus, Barbados has an aquifer system which means when you drink from the tap you are drinking clean spring water, which is a huge plus! There are a million reasons that 18+ global billionaires have homes here.

If you know us, you know that we love seeing and doing everything that we possibly can in whatever amount of time that we have. So, we want to help you to do exactly that with our Ultimate One Day Barbados Itinerary.

First off, preparation is crucial. We recommend packing everything the night before so you can be one of the first people off the ship. So, think about what activities you are planning on doing for the day. With this itinerary there are a lot of different activities we cover, from sightseeing, to snorkeling, to going shopping, to cliff jumping, and cave swimming, etc. Also, remember to sync your watch with the SHIP TIME. The ship will leave port at SHIP TIME not local time. Your Phone will sync to local time and you do NOT want your ship to leave you.

Here are some essentials we recommend you bring off the ship with you:

  • A day bag - backpack or tote bag

  • Copy of your passports

  • Snacks & water

  • Bathing suit (We usually wear ours off the ship with cover-ups)

  • Sunscreen

  • Hats

  • Sunglasses

  • Snorkel equipment

  • Towels (if you are on a cruise you can usually check out towels, just make sure to bring them back)

  • Wallet (some cash, travel credit card, room key)

  • ID (for driving & for bar access)

  • Water shoes

  • Change of clothes

  • Dry bag for electronics

  • Zip lock for wet items

  • Medications (if needed)

  • Itinerary

  • Beach excursion portable lock box safe

  • A watch (so you are not late for SHIP TIME)

  • Camera gear & extra batteries

  • Phones & portable charger

We recommend waking up early and eating a hearty breakfast (after all, you did already pay for it), and take some fruit and snacks in your bag for the day. To make the most of your time off the ship, try to be one of the first ones off to pick up your rental car at the port.

Remember: Barbados used to be a British colony. Which means they drive on the left side of the road. Being Americans, we were worried about driving on the other side of the road, but don’t worry, honestly, you get used to it pretty quickly. It just makes the adventure that much more exciting! But be on the lookout for potholes, they can be pretty bad.