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What to Wear To Oktoberfest

Do you not know what to wear to Oktoberfest in Munich... or any local Oktoberfest celebration for that matter? We have you covered!

First and foremost, don't feel silly wearing lederhosen or a drindl. It is such a fun way to join in on the festivities, and chances are, you won't be alone in the tradition!

Always check the weather when you attend Oktoberfest. It was in the 50's when we attended in Munich, so, Matt brought a down puff jacket and I wore pantyhose.

For Women

Since it was chilly when we went, I totally recommend pantyhose or tights because they will help to keep you warm. You could certainly pair your dirndl with a nice sweater as well. For the flower crown, you can buy that before you go (for cheaper) or at Oktoberfest. There are rules against large purses and backpacks, hence the small crossbody purse that I wore. It was just big enough for my cell phone and essentials. Also, you need comfortable shoes if you are going to be walking around and enjoying the sights or walking to the fest grounds like we did. And closed toed shoes are highly recommended. With so many spilled drinks and grimey floors, it's the smart way to go.

For Men

For the guys, it's pretty straight forward and besides the lederhosen, you might find that you already own most of what you'll need! I wore a black and white checkered button up shirt with my black lederhosen. And since the weather was cool while we were there, I also wore a lightweight down puffer jacket. For shoes I wore my cap toed black boots with mid-calf wool socks. You can always add the traditional bavarian hat or sweaters, but most importantly, have fun with it!


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