Best Gifts for Travelers | What They Will Actually Use and Love | Must Have Travel Essentials

Do you have a traveler in your life? Do you want to get them a gift that you know they will actually use and love? We have you covered! Below, you’ll find all of our travel essentials that we think the traveler in your life will love!

On this list, Matt & I share most of these items when we are traveling. If you want a Gift List for Men Travelers Click HERE or if you want a Gift List for Women Click HERE! HERE is a link to all our Shopping Lists!

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Luggage is such an important part of any travel experience. With all the options, it can be overwhelming to choose. We have a couple of favorites depending on the situation. Backpacking across multiple countries? THIS one is perfect...

Do you need a travel set for any occasion? Try THIS

How about a foldable duffle bag incase you pack too much and need an extra checked bag? HERE you go!

Luggage Scale

We use this luggage scale on EVERY trip that we are checking luggage. Everyone hates being at the ticket counter trying to check in for your flight and your bag is overweight! Then you’re stuck having to take things out and hold up the line. THIS scale eliminates that headache (and embarrassment)!! 1000% recommend!

Luggage Tags

Luggage tags are SO IMPORTANT! THIS tag should be on EVERY ONE of your bags! In the case that the airline loses your luggage, you accidentally leave it at a restaurant, or any other number of ways your luggage could be misplaced, luggage tags are the only way for anyone to know how to contact you. Always update your cell phone number or the international number that you will have during your travels.

Packing Cubes

We never used them until our trip to Europe (carrying backpacks) and we fell in love with our compression packing cubes! We were able to squeeze 3 weeks worth of clothes into a carry on sized backpack making room for other essentials. This set also includes a laundry bag which is a must when traveling!

Passport Wallet

We use an RFID protected travel wallet that also houses our Passports when traveling. It's super convenient to have everything in one place for travel days. But always make sure it’s in a secure place in case you encounter pickpockets!

Power Adapter

If you are traveling outside of the United States you will need some good adapters. Here is if you prefer the single. We like having a couple of those and one of THESE power strips with the USB adapters! Super convenient and really a must when traveling overseas.

Sleeping on the Go

(Neck Pillow, Ear Plugs, Eye Mask and Blanket)

You can purchase a bundle that includes all of these items, but we have found they are never that good. So, please don’t waste your money! THIS neck pillow is awesome!! We love the fact that it’s so compact and easily storable, and we actually get decent sleep with it! THIS eye mask is AMAZING! THIS blanket is so cozy. THESE ear plugs are really comfortable and really block out sound. We use these in public places like the airplane, airport, or if we’re staying in an Airbnb that’s brighter than we’re used to.

Gift Cards

What traveler wont LOVE a gift card for their travels? We love Airbnb,, Uber, or any airline!

The gift of Experiences

Another great gift idea are experiences. We LOVE using Viator

Tripadvisor or Groupon to book our experiences

Noise Cancelling Headphones

We love to watch movies and listen to music and podcasts when we travel, so headphones are a MUST! We recommend THESE headphones and THESE for sport buds.

Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Imagine having a picnic in front of the Eiffel Tower, or watching the sunset in Big Sur. One way to take your experience up a notch is with your favorite tunes! For this reason, we always bring a small portable bluetooth speaker! Here’s a few that we recommend... The WonderBoom is a great option or the JBL that has a clip!

Cord Organizers

We have so many cords, chargers, external hard drives etc… Everyone needs a place to keep them organized and accessible. THIS is perfect for rolling and if you need more room THIS one is a bit bigger!

Travel First Aid Kit & Medicine Holder