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How to Spend One Day in Savannah, Georgia - Travel Itinerary

How to Spend One Day in Savannah Travel Blog

Savannah, Georgia is undoubtedly one of the South's most romantic and elegant coastal cities. When you think of Savannah, you might imagine cobblestone streets lined with oak trees draped in Spanish moss, historic squares skirted with early 19th century homes, and Southern cuisine that makes your taste buds dance, and every single one of those images would be 100% accurate. After spending one full day exploring this charming city, there’s no question as to why Savannah is consistently ranked as one of the top Southern cities to visit. It truly is an experience all on its own. An experience where history, hospitality, and flavors intertwine to create an unforgettable getaway! So grab your walking shoes and your appetite, because we're about to dive into the top things to do, see, and eat in this captivating city in just one day!

Be sure to watch our “How to Spend One Day in Savannah” vlog for a closer look at our visit!

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We personally stayed at The Alida and can’t speak highly enough about our experience!


Now, let's get to exploring!

8:30am: Get your day started with Coffee/Tea and Breakfast!

Clyde Market (where we went - 223 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd): When it comes to food and drink, there’s no shortage in Savannah, and that goes for coffee too! We personally loved Clyde Market for its straightforward coffee (and non-coffee) menu, creative signature drinks, and lighter breakfast foods like their delicious Smoothie Bowls!

Other Noteworthy Options:

  • Foxy Loxy Cafe (919 Bull Street)

  • Savannah Coffee Roasters (215 W Liberty St)

  • Bitty & Beau’s Coffee (319 W Congress St)

  • Fox and Fig Cafe (321 Habersham St)

Clyde Market in Savannah, Georgia

9:30am: Explore the city on an Old Town Trolley Tour

Is it touristy? Sure. Is there anything wrong with that? Absolutely not! We are tourists after all! And honestly, an Old Town Trolley Tour is an excellent way to get a greater understanding of a city in a short amount of time, so we always recommend trying one of their hop-on, hop-off trolleys when visiting a city… Especially if it’s your first time!

Notable Sights:

  • Forsyth Park

  • Cathedral Basilica of St. John the Baptist

  • River Street

Old Town Trolley Tour in Savannah, Georgia

1:00pm: Refuel with some down-home Southern cooking!

Mrs. Wilkes Dining Room (107 W Jones St): After a light breakfast and a full morning of exploring, you’re probably ready for a hearty meal, and we’ve got just the place for you! Mrs. Wilkes Dining Room (AKA Mrs. Wilkes Boarding House) has been serving delicious and authentic down-home fried chicken, gumbo, creamed corn, Savannah red rice, biscuits, and more since 1943! It’s an all-you-can-eat, family-style establishment, so come hungry and ready to dine alongside folks you may not know because, at Mrs. Wilkes, everyone is “family” and seated together at large 10-top tables… So get used to saying “Pass the fried chicken please!”. Unfortunately, Mrs. Wilkes is closed Saturday and Sunday, so if you’re visiting on a weekend, you’ll miss out on this gem, but don’t worry, there is an abundance of delicious eateries in this delicious city!

Other Noteworthy Options:

  • Crystal Beer Parlor (301 W Jones St)

  • Wiley's Championship BBQ (4700 Highway 80 East)

  • Back In The Day Bakery (2403 Bull St)

  • Starland Cafe (11 E 41st St)

*Enjoy this photo of baby Matt & Nat from 2011 when we visited Mrs. Wilkes! Lol

Matt and Nat posing with Mrs. Wilkes sign in 2011

3:00pm: Visit the American Prohibition Museum

At America’s first and only museum dedicated to the history of Prohibition, the American Prohibition Museum (209 W Saint Julian St), visitors have the opportunity to take a step back in time to the early 1900s when anti-alcohol rallies swept the nation and the “booze problem” was pushed to the forefront of American politics. From bootlegging to the roots of NASCAR, visitors learn all about how Prohibition and Temperance shaped thinking and culture for more than 200 years of American history. And you have to take advantage of 220 Congress Street Up, the 1920s-inspired “speakeasy” at the end of your tour that offers craft cocktails that will make all of the Prohibition activists you just learned about turn over in their graves!

The American Prohibition Museum

4:15pm: Explore the tastes of City Market!

This open-air market dating back to the 1700s offers a plethora of restaurants, art galleries, bars, and shops making it a must-visit on any Savannah itinerary!

Notable Shops:

  • Byrd Cookie Company (213 W Saint Julian St)

  • The Georgia Tasting Room (306 W Saint Julian St)

  • The Little Crown by Pie Society (19 Jefferson St)

  • Savannah's Candy Kitchen (318 W Saint Julian St)

  • Lulu’s Chocolate Bar (42 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd)

  • Better Than Sex - A Dessert Restaurant (410 W Broughton St)

City Market in Savannah, Georgia

5:30: After a long day of exploring (and we’re not done yet), a quick freshen-up at the hotel will do some good!

We stayed at The Alida and can’t say enough great things about this hotel. From the daily Sparkling Wine Happy Hour (3pm-5pm) and Chef’s choice cookies available in Lobby to the complimentary bike rentals and Alida Moke Rental on site, and SO much more, every detail has been carefully curated to help guests form a deeply personal experience with the hotel, the neighborhood, and the city’s heritage. Check out their website, Facebook page, and Instagram for more details!

The Alida Hotel in Savannah, Georgia

6:00pm: Take in the views with a Rooftop Happy Hour!

Electric Moon Skytop Lounge + Moon Deck (500 W River St): Being as beautiful as Savannah is, it’s no surprise that many of the area’s restaurants, bars, and hotels have utilized their rooftops to take advantage of the romantic views of the Savannah River and Historic District below. We especially enjoyed our visit to the Electric Moon Skytop Lounge + Moon Deck which can be found on the rooftop of the JW Marriott Hotel in the newly developed Plant Riverside District. The Electric Moon Skytop Lounge is a casual, open-air terrace offering small bites, unique cocktails, and breathtaking views of the Savannah River. If you’re looking for a little more high-energy experience, head down the slide (yes… you heard that right) or take the spiral staircase to the Moon Deck, a playful adult oasis where you can show off your cornhole and ping-pong skills, embrace your inner child on LED swing sets, and gather friends for a game of life-size Twister!

Other Noteworthy Stops:

  • The Lost Square (412 Williamson St)

  • Top Deck (125 W River St)

  • Rocks on the Roof (102 W Bay St)

  • Myrtle & Rose (500 W River St)

Views from the Electric Moon Skytop Lounge + Moon Deck in Savannah, Georgia

7:30pm: Fancy Dinner because you deserve it!

Repeal 33 Bar & Restaurant (125 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd): To be honest, this was the one “miss” for us when it comes to our gastronomic experience in Savannah. We had high hopes considering that Repeal 33 had excellent reviews and came highly recommended, and we wish we could say that it lived up to the hype and price tag, but it simply did not. The steak was lackluster, the shrimp and grits were underwhelming, and the sides were unmemorable. Learn from our mistakes and skip this one. If we had to do it again, our first pick would be Alligator Soul Restaurant.

Other Notable Options:

  • Alligator Soul Restaurant (114 Barnard St)

  • Circa 1875 (48 Whitaker St)

  • Bella Napoli Italian Bistro (18 E State St)

  • Cotton & Rye (1801 Habersham St)

Repeal 33 Restaurant and Bar in Savannah, Georgia


We hope that this guide has helped you plan your visit to Savannah, and if it has, we hope that you’ll consider following us on Instagram and subscribing to our YouTube Channel for more travel tips!

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