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How To Travel & NOT Get Coronavirus - Tips for Flying during COVID Pandemic from an Airline Employee

2020 has thrown us all for a loop. We all had plans that didn’t work out. We have friends who've had to push back weddings, senior years that were spent with parents instead of friends, and vacations that turned into staycations.

*Disclaimer* We are not here to tell you whether to travel or not. You can make that decision yourself. This blog post is to help you travel in the safest, most efficient way possible. This is for people who can’t miss their best friend’s wedding, a family member's significant birthday, a funeral, or for a family who wouldn’t be able to afford or miss this opportunity to take an affordable vacation.

Check out below if you want to watch our experience as well!

I know a lot of people are still traveling and making the most of the travel bans by seeing more of our own beautiful country, but many are road tripping in the family car or renting RV’s. The more people that I talk to, the more I am finding that people are a bit uncertain whether it's safe to fly during this pandemic.

Since I am an airline employee, I am in airports and airplanes pretty much every day and I hope I can give you some peace of mind and tips and tricks to stay as healthy as possible while traveling. It shouldn’t be as stressful and anxiety ridden as some media outlets have made it seem.

** In August we had to travel for 17 days. We took 12 flights total, stayed in 4 hotel rooms/rental homes, rented a car, and rode on public transportation. This is not saying that we don't acknowledge that there is a pandemic going on, but we also know if you are practicing safe procedures, you can still travel and minimize your chance of contracting Covid-19 and spreading it to your loved ones. **


First & Foremost

To start with, I am an airline employee, and have had fellow crew members (a term used for airline employees) be laid off, take pay cuts and/or reduced hours, etc., so just remember to be NICE to the airline employees when traveling. Everyone is trying their best during this difficult time. No one wants to help someone who is rude and demanding. Yelling at an employee about why wearing a mask is unconstitutional doesn’t change the corporate policy. You just end up yelling at someone who is trying to pay their bills. So please, BE KIND.  

**If you are feeling unwell or sick, please do not fly or travel. Most airlines offer free cancellations or rebookings.**

Before You Travel

Boost your immune system: Taking vitamins & emergen C is always a great idea before you travel.